My friend turns 30 in 3 years and is hoping to complete 30 before 30. (30 countries before she is 30.) Currently she is on 24 countries. We did countries 23 and 24 on her way to 30 on a trip to Copenhagen in December 2017.

We had booked it spontaneously, after a few drinks we both found that we had a few days off at the same time. She is also a nurse, so a rarity that nurse friends are off at the same time. We were both excited to actual be able to see each other.

We did not know where we wanted to go, the only criteria was that neither of us had to have been there before, (and flights needed to be cheap).

I did some research and found flights to Copenhagen for £79.96 return for the 2 of us with Ryanair. BARGAIN. We booked them there and then. We found a cheap hotel called Cabin City not far from Tivoli Gardens. The room was small however ideal for us.

Before we left the UK we had ordered Copenhagen cards online and picked them up in the airport. It cost 89 euros for a 72 hour card. I would recommend this card to anyone going to Copenhagen. The card can be used on all public transport (free trips), buses, metro and the S-train. You also get free admission to a lot of attractions, which we used for Tivoli Gardens, Netto boat tour, The round Tower, Amalieborg, Tycho Brahe Planetarium, Carlsberg museum and the Hans Christian Andersen Fairy-tale House.

What we did not expect was how beautiful Copenhagen would be. We went at the beginning of December so everywhere was decorated for Christmas. I am a massive child at heart and love Christmas so I was a little bit excited. Everywhere we went there were little Christmas markets to explore. We found out quite quickly how good glogg is (their version of mulled wine), you can also pay extra to have a shot of rum added to your glogg, we never looked back! This also might be the reason why we could not find the entrance to a museum we wanted to visit and instead walked into the entrance to the Danish parliament.

Tivoli Gardens was the main show. The first night we arrived it was late but we wanted to make the most of our time. We went to Tivoli Gardens and were amazed. It was beautiful. We walked around in amazement trying to take it all in. We loved it so much that we came back every evening. The Copenhagen card came into play as entrance to the gardens was about £18 pp. However with the Copenhagen card we had got free admission that you can use up to 3 times.

We spent one morning walking around the famous Nyhavn. We had seen it the day before whilst on the Netto boat cruise however it had been cloudy so didn’t give it justice. The next day we walked there, it was sunny and the views were perfect. It was busy but I didn’t mind because it was beautiful. We did the tourist thing of take so many photos in different spots over and over. I have not taken any of my cameras with me so only had my phone to take photos for the trip.

Country 24

So I started this be explaining we visited countries 23 and 24 on the road to 30. I not sure we can count country 24 but it’s a backup just in case she doesn’t actual reach 30 in time. Our last day in Copenhagen out flight was at 13:50. Therefore we did not have much time. My friend found out that you can get the train from Copenhagen to Malmo and takes around 40 minutes. So we got up early, jumped on the train and found ourselves in Malmo at 8:30 in the morning. We had breakfast and walked around for a few hours and then got the train back to Copenhagen airport. So country 24 was done in 3 hours.

Cost breakdown (for 2 people):

  • Flights £79.96
  • Hotel £252.59 (3 nights)
  • Copenhagen cards £161.67
  • Return train tickets to Malmo £39.17
  • Spending money (mainly spent on food and alcohol) around £150

Top tips for Copenhagen:

  • Buy a Copenhagen card – really saved us money and also we visited places we didn’t know about
  • Be flexible with flights to get good deals – Ours were £79.96 return for 2 people
  • Netto boat tour – it was free with the Copenhagen card. Wrap up, it was so cold on the back of the boat. But you got the best views.
  • Check what is going on in Copenhagen before you go, we went over the Christmas period so it was full of Christmas markets.
  • Drink lots of glogg and have the extra rum!!

I will be back Copenhagen!

Chloe X

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