After a few days of driving and staying in a new bed every night we were ready to spend a few nights in the same place and explore a city. As Bergen was pretty close to us we decided to stay there and see what it had to offer. On the way to Bergen we had done some research about the route and had to decide between driving through the longest road tunnel in the world or taking the Aurlandsfjellet route, also known as the snow road, so-called because there is snow on it most of the year. The road tunnels in Norway are insane, they even have roundabouts in some, however as the weather was beautiful we decided on the snow road. The road was beautiful and we found some snow on our journey along it. We stopped at a small rest stop with an amazing public toilet and as it was sunny we got out and explored the waterfall.

We continued along the snow road and stopped when we came across Vedahaugane, a long-curved bench that gives you amazing views of the landscape. We continued to our final stop, Stegastein. It is a viewing platform 650 meters above the Aurlandsfjord. The views were incredible, if you wait for the crowds to go, the photos you can take are amazing. We managed to arrive at the right time as there wasn’t many people there, however about 15 minutes later, a bus load of tourists turned up and with that many people about the atmosphere was somewhat ruined. The drive down from Stegastein was a little scary, there was so many tight hairpin bends and the road was narrow, it really pushed my driving skills. The best thing about the driving routes was that we never knew what to expect from them, from winding tight roads, to waterfalls and snow by the road, they were amazing.

We arrived in Bergen that evening and didn’t want to miss out so checked into our hotel and then went exploring the city. It is not a particularly big place, so we only spent a couple of nights there. There is a funicular that you can catch (or you can climb) to the viewing platform of Mount Floyen. We decided to go up there twice to catch the views and the sunset. It was a nice space to chill, watch the sunset and have a beer. We practiced taking out of focus background shots manually, something I found hard to get at first. But the photos look amazing.

I had done some research and found a place you can go swimming in the fjord not far out of the city, we drove there, parked up and walked the short distance there. There was a couple of people swimming already and so we thought it couldn’t be that bad! I have never in my life felt water so cold. I was a wimp and wanted to get in slowly, my boyfriend however decided not to test the water and just jumped it. I have never seen someone move some quickly to get out of the water. We did not stay long after that, we are not hard Norwegians.

After our few days in Bergen we drove to Stavanger the day before we were due to fly home. We only stayed one night so did not get a lot of time to explore. We stayed in another Airbnb which was on a small residential island just out of the city. There were lovely views of the waterfront from the apartment.

Norway is the most beautiful country I have visited. The scenery was amazing, and it felt so peaceful. It was easy to drive around and even after all the driving I felt relaxed and I will visit there again!

Top tips:

  • Rema 3000 – a cheaper supermarket to stay on budget
  • Try the hot dogs you can buy in petrol stations: they are a game changer!
  • Keep change in the car for the ferry
  • Sixt car hire – they are cheap for under 25’s
  • Learn to love the 2 single duvets on the double bed!
  • It is expensive so take lots of spending money
  • Check if the roads are open as some close in the winter due to snow

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